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Question? Answer
When is the typical fall registration? August 1-September 8th
When is the typical spring registration? November 15-January 21st
How do I register? Follow the registration link on the home page or follow the tab that leads to additional information about the upcoming season
How much will it cost? The cost of each season differs. Spring seasons are more expensive than Fall seasons because they last longer and more of the uniform is provided.
What is included in the fees? The spring fees include uniform costs (jersey, pants, socks, and hat), umpire fees, concession fees, insurance, and field maintenance fees. Fall fees only include a jersey and a hat.
How do I know which division to sign up for? Each division is determined by your player's "baseball age". This number is determined by the little league age chart posted on our website
What are the next steps once I register? Once players have been assigned to a team, the manager that your athlete is assigned to will reach out to team parents with more details such as practices, uniforms, and game schedules.
Can my child play up a division? It is possible to play up a division, but these requests must be approved by the Player Agent
When are practices held? (days of week and times) Practices are twice a week before the season starts and vary across Monday - Saturday (we have multiple teams and only so many fields so it varies in order to get everyone equal practice time)
When are games held? (days of week and times) Typically one game during the week and one game on Saturday (weeknights at 6:30 pm and times vary between 9 am and 6 pm on Saturdays)
Are players required to try out? Starting at 7 years old, every player is required to tryout and there is a draft. (No tryouts during the Fall season). Managers only attend drafts, not parent or players
Are there rules for number of games or practices players are allowed to miss? In order to be eligible for all stars, players have to participate in 60% of the games. For missing practices, just ensure you communicate with your manager when you have to miss.